Thursday, March 27, 2014

Running in place

Only two months since last post. Must be on a roll here. Most of the time I feel like I'm running in place and not accomplishing much. Like some others, I'm blaming this long cold winter on my lack of motivation. We still have a chilly wind blowing here in East Tennessee. I'm still wearing a sweatshirt when I go out. Brrrr. So ready for warmer weather. Then we'll have to scramble to get the raised beds ready to do some planting of some home-grown veggies. Can't wait.

On home front, grandson and wife have divorced. But great grandbabies are here every other month. They can certainly bring a house to life. Growing up much too fast, of course. Tyler will be four this year. Grandma Liz is trying to give him a headstart on learning numbers, letters, shapes and figuring out things. He's very quick to pick up new concepts. Loves to 'draw' and 'write' with markers. Connor is not far behind, he wants to do everything big brother does. Together they will be a force to be reckoned with when they get in school.

Personally I'm trying to play catchup with my writing. Published a volume of my newspaper columns, Life Slices, a Medley of Musings after Three Score and More. It's available here, Life Slices from Amazon, or from me.

Getting ready to publish two mystery novels in April. Here is a link to the YouTube video for Disguise for Death trailer for first one. Working on video for second novel. Stay tuned.

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