Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Book Contract!!!!

After lo, all these years, we won't say how many, I finally have a contract with a traditional publisher. They're a small press, but seem nice. And hey, it means somebody besides me thinks my writing is worth publishing. Even got a small advance! Who said dreams don't come true?
They don't have a release date yet for - drum roll, please -

Requiem for a Party Girl, a Cameron Locke mystery

Will post when I know the date.
Main character in the book is the former victim (though she refuses to call herself a victim) of a man who liked to beat up on his wife. She took self-defense courses and finally had the courage to kick him out. Then she became a Private Investigator. Be warned, there are murders and attempted murders, but Cam is a  woman with grit, I think you'll like her.

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