Friday, July 31, 2009


Last day of July. Rain. I was just thinking as we ate breakfast and listened to the heavy downpour how thankfully different this summer has been from the last five years or so. Plenty of rain, lovely bright green trees, bushes, grass everywhere instead of tired, dusty semi-green. Wells and ponds must be full by now. Haven't watched the local weather recently, but we should be well into a surplus instead of adding digits to a double digit drought. Guess our farmers will be helping farmers in other areas with needed hay for livestock this winter instead of being on the receiving end. Good deal. And good for the folks who make a living mowing and landscaping. Their business suffered during the drought, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Loved your post on rain. How great is that~~
Being an apple lover, I'm waiting for the harvest to come in to Hump Mountain Apple Barn (above Elizabethton, just over the North Carolina line) and hoping that the Red and Golden Delicious this year will be big and sweet and juice from all the extra water. Can't wait!
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Naturally I meant "juicy." Knowing how you are for correctness. Picky-picky-picky~~

Sylvia said...

Ha! Hark, what do I hear? Echoes of the proverbial pot calling the equally proverbial kettle black!
Why don't you start a blog, then you wouldn't have to be 'anonymous!?' :-)

The 6th Sister said...

Is this what they mean by the "Dog Days of Summer"? It's not as hot as it could be, we haven't had many 90 and no 100 degree days yet, but it's still hot enough, muggy and humid. Oh, wait, I live in GA! That's right! Maybe up in the sweet mountains of east TN it's nicer! :-) Hope you're getting some rest and are storing up your strength. Take care,
Love you lots,
the Sixth Sister

Richard Arrington said...

I agree, I raise cattle and their pond has been full. Last year and the year prior, I had to ask the fire dept to drop water in the pond. This year has been great.