Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So, preborn babies are not real humans, not worth anything so they can just be thrown away. But, wait, it seems they are worth something, the love of which is the root of all evil. Certainly the evil of abortion. MONEY.

But, but we know those doctors are just providing abortions out of concern for humanity, aren't they? They don't take money from and deceive women, do they? They wouldn't possibly take money for doing an abortion and then ALSO make MORE money by selling the 'worthless products of conception' to the highest bidder, would they? But, but it's for research. It's legal, under Federal law. They sell to the LOWEST bidding research facility, do they? So why does an intact head command the highest price?

If your mind is already made up that any opposition to abortion is just over-zealous religiosity, don't click on the link below and read the report. But if you have the slightest inkling there might be something to it, please click.

I know many, many women who opt for abortion are deceived. They think they just have a bunch of undifferentiated cells that need to be scraped out. Many just can't see any other way out of their unplanned pregnancy dilemma. Or they have been coerced by boy friend, husband, parents to 'get rid of it.' Abortion supporters fight any attempt to provide women considering abortion with ultrasound evidence of just what those 'cells' are. When they (rarely) get a glimpse of those 'cells' in a bucket or jar, with arms and legs and eyes and ears, they are shocked. And sometimes never get over the shock, even with alcohol and drugs. And, certainly, the ones who have their uterus punctured and have to be hustled out the back door to a real hospital and die don't get over it. But that only happens in those old illegal abortions of long ago. Doesn't it?

One thing I've never, ever understood is why ANYONE would object to an abortion clinic being held to the same standards of cleanliness as a walk-in general medical clinic. I guess if a boyfriend, husband, parent doesn't care about the innocent baby involved they're not worried if girlfriend, wife or daughter is penetrated by unsterile instruments in an unclean environment.

It's not like she's getting her ears pierced. Which, by the way, requires parental approval. But PP and abortion supporters fight tooth and nail against parental notification/approval for abortion. And state legislature after state legislature has caved to pressure and refused to pass laws requiring minimum standards of cleanliness and care in abortion clinics.


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Priscilla King said...

Linking to this one (the oldfashioned way) because it seemed the safest of the links that have been sent for me to open. (I'm warning people not to use the link while eating, though.) It's disheartening to anyone who's ever bought things at PP's benefit store in Bethesda that PP's defense doesn't seem to be "This is just one individual exploiting the system" but "The tape was edited to make the way he was trained to operate look more repulsive than it normally would."

I've not actually watched the video, myself, and don't plan to. Quotes are enough.