Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Can They Get Worse?

I shudder to think what subsequent videos will show, after the first three. I don't want to look at them either, as many will not. The old 'out of sight, out of mind' meme works well, sometimes. The only reason I would urge anyone to watch these videos as they are released is that it would motivate enough people to end this plague on our nation. For I truly believe as long as America allows such slaughter of innocents, not to deny that we are guilty of many other blots on our national soul, and other nations are just as or more guilty, we are moving further and further from the protection of God. Our children and grandchildren will pay for them. At the hands of our enemies, most likely. For this also my sorrow is great.

On a personal level, I say this. No matter what my former granddaughter-in-law ever does, I will always and ever thank you, Jesi Radtke Greene, for not opting for abortion and giving birth to my most precious great grandsons. You were so young, and the circumstances were light years from ideal. I didn't know you at all, and my grandson was certain the baby was his. Before you agreed to marry him, I feared the possibility that abortion could impact my family. But it didn't, and instead in my life are two small beings who mean more to me than life itself. God bless you.

Anyone who will watch, here is the link to the 3rd video documenting Planned Parenthood's profitable abortion 'industry'.
Planned Parenthood Shocking Cover-up

After this video, anyone care to wager how long until the first individual or class action lawsuit is filed against PP? How will they prove to greedy 'baby daddies' that they flushed the male or female baby (product) of their sperms's biological union with a female egg instead of selling it?
The video even shows that first trimester 'specimens' are even more valuable. What about the mantra that early abortion is more humane and desirable. Uh-huh. Desirable, as in worth more to the abortion industry?
God help us.

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