Thursday, March 8, 2018


Spring, almost, again! For me, in more ways than one. The winter has been long and gray, as far as writing goes. But personally there were some real high points. A new edition of my book, Disguise for Death, released by Wild Rose Press in December, was gratifying. But the major blessing was being able to spend a week with my precious great grandsons in North Carolina through the Christmas holidays. Their great grandmother on their mother's side, who lives next door to them, graciously invited me to stay in her home so I would be close by and not have to pay a hotel bill. I promised to send her some of my books, which I finally got done this week.
Unseasonably warm weather in East Tennessee caused jonquils and Bradford pear trees to display their spring finery early. Since the temperature has dropped and even snow flurries reported, maybe other spring blossoms will wait until their proper time to show!
The sunshine hinting of spring to come did lift my spirits so I've become somewhat less of a sloth. Who knows, maybe I'll even get back to being productive?

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