Friday, June 10, 2011


If I ever run into Mr. Murphy, of Murphy's Law fame, he will get an earful from me. If he had never come up with the idea that 'if anything CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong,' would it still be true? Guess we'll never know. He opened the can of worms.
A while back my Followers stopped showing up on my Blog. All 3 of them! Though my Dashboard shows there should be 4. Have been reading Blogger/Google help files and posted my own question. Apparently it's something about Security settings on my computer. I've changed this and that, put Blogger and Blogspot in my allowed websites. I thought I might get a clue if I changed 'cookie' settings so I have to allow each one, resulting in having to allow or deny a dozen or so for each website I go to. Now if that was chocolate chip cookies - but I digress. Now I read it may be something about the handling of 'scripts' in my Internet settings. What I need is a computer wizard. Lacking one I guess I'll set the cookies loose and let them accumulate as they will and peruse my script settings. Wish me luck.


The 6th Sister said...

Murphy, smurfy, I quit following him a long time ago, took him out out of my address book, crossed him off my list! I can do everything he can and do it better! How come I can see your blog and all 3 of your followers? Is your popup blocker on, try turning it off when you're blogging, then turn back on when you're done.

Sylvia said...

Thought it was off, Sis. Will check. Thanks. Check out the new one,
I'd used Wordpress before and thought it was too hard, but am liking it better now.