Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Blessings

Looking back over this year I seem to have lived in a kind of fog for most of it, doing whatever was necessary in fits and starts. A little lonely, in spite of having people around most of the time. How do you learn to be a single again after more than fifty years? Like most things, put one foot in front of the other, then do it again.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I love the carols which remind us of the reason for the season, decorating the tree. Cleaning and straightening the house, not so much! The last three Christmas seasons were hard with my husband bedridden from a stroke and in a nursing home under hospice care the last one.

But those three years brought blessings, too. A special joy was great grandson Tyler, whose smiling little face and burbling laugh brighten the darkest day. I pray that as he grows up, Tyler will look to the Jesus whose birth we celebrate for guidance. And that we, his parents, grandparents and great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins will be examples of those who also look for that guidance in our lives.

Much as we love Christmas, Jesus did not suffer arrested development and remain a babe in Bethlehem. He grew up and accepted the suffering, death and separation from God that His human body would have to endure to save those who believe in Him from eternal death. And because the Holy Spirit raised Him from that death, we can now celebrate His birth and His life and the life we ourselves live and will live after our last breath on earth. My Christmas may be a little more subdued this year, but celebrate I shall. Because I believe our loved ones in Heaven celebrate with us when we remember the
Reason for the Season, Jesus!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Favorite Christmas Tree pictures

I love to look at pictures of Christmas trees and have a bunch on my computer. Above are two favorites. I found the unusual second one a few days ago on Mary Murtz's blog and she graciously said I could repost it here. See the original on her Blog, http://http//marymurtz.com/2011/12/12/wherein-i-build-a-christmas-tree-out-of-books/, and instructions for making it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Coming up for air!

Maybe I'll be posting a llliitttle more regularly now! Have been pretty busy working with others on a couple of projects for writing group.

I was mad at Blogger because I couldn't see my 'Followers', along with other users. We (dozens) lodged complaints, all we got was suggestions to change Browsers (preferably their Chrome, which few wanted to do). I knew I probably needed to upgrade my Internet Explorer 7, but didn't need my computer to be down if something went wrong so put if off.

Last week I finally upgraded. Guess what? I can now see my (all 4 of 'em!) followers! Welcome, Gina. Thanks for looking me up. Hey, Corey and Richard. And, of course, my baby sister always supports me! Hope to see you sometime next month, Sis!

Great grandson keeps growing and getting sweeter! When they visit he toddles in to GGMa's office and tries to pull all her books down and climb on all the 'stuff' that has accumulated in here. Ya Ya, (my daughter, his grandma) mostly takes care of him when we have him here on days his parents' shifts overlap. He loves to ride in a car. I have a car seat in my car and was going to take him home. We put him in the seat but found we needed to adjust the straps and took him out for a moment. He screamed and tried to get back in the seat. Memo: don't put Tyler in the car seat unless you're ready to go!

Friday, June 10, 2011


If I ever run into Mr. Murphy, of Murphy's Law fame, he will get an earful from me. If he had never come up with the idea that 'if anything CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong,' would it still be true? Guess we'll never know. He opened the can of worms.
A while back my Followers stopped showing up on my Blog. All 3 of them! Though my Dashboard shows there should be 4. Have been reading Blogger/Google help files and posted my own question. Apparently it's something about Security settings on my computer. I've changed this and that, put Blogger and Blogspot in my allowed websites. I thought I might get a clue if I changed 'cookie' settings so I have to allow each one, resulting in having to allow or deny a dozen or so for each website I go to. Now if that was chocolate chip cookies - but I digress. Now I read it may be something about the handling of 'scripts' in my Internet settings. What I need is a computer wizard. Lacking one I guess I'll set the cookies loose and let them accumulate as they will and peruse my script settings. Wish me luck.