Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree

Originally the tinsel was spread more or less evenly on and around the Christmas tree. Then a pretty little tortoise kitty with the unlikely name of Link, who loves to eat tinsel, came to visit. Not good for kitties. She could jump on the table whose corner shows in the bottom right of the picture and nibble away. So we denuded that side of the tree and piled it all on the other side. Most likely she is capable of jumping to the mantel on that side but it's crammed with decorations.

Link, Rosebud the Chihuahua and Monkey the current 'twenty pound kitten' in residence have also been learning the basics of co-existence. After a few days the sound of hissing and barking was not the automatic response at sight of one of the others. Perhaps Peace on Earth is not a pipe dream for humans either.

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