Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, Monday

Anybody remember that old tune? I can't remember the artist, but the first few notes stick in the mind.
Rainy, today. Glad it's not snow and hope it doesn't turn to snow. Even grandson has said he hopes it doesn't snow anymore. And he wanted it to, at first!
Need to get out and do some errands instead of procrastinating at the computer. Not even writing on what I need to write.
New phone line filters supposed to arrive today. I noticed when installed new modem and had most of phones unplugged computers were faster. Guess bad filters were causing errors on the line. So hopefully new filters will allow phones and fast computing.


Anonymous said...

Can comments be left on this post?

The 6th Sister said...

Ah ha, I might get dangerous! Now I will follow your blogs and maybe even start one up myself! I too am procrastinating, I'm computing instead of all the things I should be doing! But then, I can do pretty much anything I want to do.... right now I choose to play! I do so enjoy your snippits of wisdome and woe! Colorful writing, you paint pictures with words!

Sylvia said...

Veddy interesting. I have an idea who this 6th Sister might be. Wonder if I'm right!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I clicked on your whatcha macallit, and I started reading, You are a very colorful writer, you make your stories come to life. I wannt to be onne of your followers, PLEASE..
The 5th sister