Monday, August 22, 2011

Coming up for air!

Maybe I'll be posting a llliitttle more regularly now! Have been pretty busy working with others on a couple of projects for writing group.

I was mad at Blogger because I couldn't see my 'Followers', along with other users. We (dozens) lodged complaints, all we got was suggestions to change Browsers (preferably their Chrome, which few wanted to do). I knew I probably needed to upgrade my Internet Explorer 7, but didn't need my computer to be down if something went wrong so put if off.

Last week I finally upgraded. Guess what? I can now see my (all 4 of 'em!) followers! Welcome, Gina. Thanks for looking me up. Hey, Corey and Richard. And, of course, my baby sister always supports me! Hope to see you sometime next month, Sis!

Great grandson keeps growing and getting sweeter! When they visit he toddles in to GGMa's office and tries to pull all her books down and climb on all the 'stuff' that has accumulated in here. Ya Ya, (my daughter, his grandma) mostly takes care of him when we have him here on days his parents' shifts overlap. He loves to ride in a car. I have a car seat in my car and was going to take him home. We put him in the seat but found we needed to adjust the straps and took him out for a moment. He screamed and tried to get back in the seat. Memo: don't put Tyler in the car seat unless you're ready to go!