Thursday, November 13, 2008


I received this picture of a road from two sisters-in-law along with several other striking road pictures. This is my favorite. I love roads, even named my memoir 'Eight Miles of Muddy Road' (blatant self-promotion!) The book can be ordered from moi, with new cover, left; through Amazon, with original cover, or any brick and mortar bookstore, also original cover. I wrote and self-published it just to see if I could do it. I really consider myself a mystery writer and have a full-length mystery novel about ready to submit. Several of my mystery stories can be read online, at the ezine sites where they are archived. Links to these sites can be found on my website,

Me, myself and I

Yet another one. Blog, that is! I always spread myself too thin. Maybe it's because I've reached the age that I know life is finite and I better make the most of what I have left! I have too many interests and my mind clamors to explore them all. I'm almost envious of those people who are obsessed with one thing and devote their lives to it. They accomplish more than I seem to, in their chosen field of obsession, but then what if something happens and they can't do it any longer? If they are unable to switch to something else, life is to all intents and purposes, over for them. I've always seemed to 'march to a different drummer' which puts me out of step with many people. It was a happy day for me when I hooked up with several writers' groups. By definition most writers seem to march to a different drummer. Being crazy helps, too. Why else would we, as my blog question asks, keep pounding our heads against a wall in our attempts to snare a publisher for our deathless prose?